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To carry on the business of beauticians, manicurists, bridal makeup, hairdressers, hair dyers, makers and suppliers of all kinds of wigs, and to run health care centres, beauty parlours, massage centres, yoga centres, gymnasiums, swimming pools and to conduct classes, seminars, demonstration, education and training programmes for betterment of body & beauty care or make up, and to deal in cosmetics of every description and kinds including lipsticks, nail polishes, creams, lotions, ointments, perfumes, foundations, soaps, fashion wear and beauty aids of every kind and description.




1. To manufacture, fabricate, forge, cast, produce, design, develop, assemble, repair, pack, repack, import, export, buy, sell, recondition, hire or otherwise deal in all kinds and types of, in all its branches in automatic, semi automatic, manual and other types of tools, machine tools, tackles, instruments, apparatuses, systems & equipments, including lathes, turret lathes, capstan lathes, engine lathes, drills, drilling machines, shaping machines, planning machines, milling machines, grinding machines, slotting machines, broaching machines, boring machines, hobbing machines, coning machines, lapping machines, punching machines and other allied goods, whether used for special operations or for general operations, and whether operated on human, electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, chemical, electro chemical, photo chemical, solar, tidal wind, nuclear, thermal, thermonuclear or other form of energy and their parts, products, assemblies, sub assemblies, components, instruments, raw materials, display units, control devices, peripheral devices, elements gadgets, circuits, micro circuits, used in machine tools including hollows, bars, slices, rounds, wafers, sheets, clips, micro clips, powders, fluids, gases, solids which may be polished, processed, coated, fused, diffused, or otherwise treated.

 2. To manufacture, fabricate, forge, cast, produce,  design, develop, assemble, repair, pack, repack, import, export, buy, sell, recondition, hire or otherwise deal in all kinds and types of hand tools such as hammers, spanners, wrenches, pliers, water pump pliers, allenkeys, screw drivers, wrench pipes, chisels, sledge hammers, pick axes, nuts/bolts, clippers, wire cutters, hacksaw blades, socket sets, bench vices, automatic machinable materials, dies, tools, jigs, fixtures, hardware of all kinds, electronic and mechanical instruments, goods and equipment and allied products and to set up forging plant, foundries.




To engage in the business of production, manufacturing, buying, selling, exchanging, importing, exporting and dealing either in wholesale or in retail in handicrafts made of metal, wood, cement, stone, paper, cloth, lace, leather, and other materials or with any combination thereof such as handicrafts of paper; Handicrafts of aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, bell metal, German silver, silver or any alloy thereof, real and imitation; zari, zariwoven, embroidered products and zari embroidered pieces and beads embroidered products; Handicrafts of marble; leather goods and articles such as hand bags, pouches, bangle boxes, belts, travel goods, carpets, rugs and druggets made of wool, silk etc., wood articles; goods and articles of stones, plaster of Paris such as statues, monuments, photo frames, models of historical places, model temples etc., hand made paintings, drawings and pastels, original engravings, prints and lithographs, collections of zoological, botanical, mineralogical and anatomical, historical, archaeological, paleontological, ethnographical or numismatic inters, handloom materials, antiques, art goods, men’s, women’s and children’s apparels and wearing and decorative apparels of every kinds, nature and description, and also to carry on the business of all kinds of ivory and metal works.




1. To engage in the business of production, manufacturing, buying, selling, exchanging, importing, exporting and dealing either in wholesale or in retail, in handicrafts, handloom materials, antiques, art goods, men’s, women’s and children’s apparels and wearing and decorative apparels of every kind, nature and description, ivory and metal works, cotton piece goods, textiles, raw silk and jute goods, wool and products of any description.

2. To manufacture, design, develop, engineer, process, sell, exchange, alter, improve, manipulate, prepare, market, import, export or otherwise deal in any and all kinds of readymade garments, jackets, jerseys, shirts, gloves made of cotton, synthetic fibre and leather for industrial and domestic consumption and all other exportable novelties.




1. To manufacture, produce, process, make, assemble, design, convert, repair, import, export, trade, buy, sell, whether as retailers or wholesalers, suppliers, packers, stockists, merchants, distributors, consignors, brokers or otherwise deal in all types of iron and steel products, Mill store, Hardware, Ferrous and NonFerrous Metal products, Electrical goods and Components, Machinery, Machinery parts, tools, appliances, accessories and implements such as hacksaw blades, cutting blades, shearing blades, building stores, hardware, electrically driven tools, pipes and tubes, sluice, valves, variable speed gears and drives, hydraulic transmission gears, conveyors of all descriptions and types, ropeways, wire ropes, drawing machines, all hydraulic presses, tool room and precision tools, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and humidifiers, blowers, water coolers, iron and steel sections or structurals and such other goods, materials and merchandise incidental thereto or connected therewith.

2. To manufacture, buy, sell, alter, repair, improve, manipulate, treat, prepare for market and deal in all kinds of plants, machinery, appliances, tools, utensils, commodities, substances, materials, articles and things connected therewith.




1. To establish, develop and maintain and aid in the establishment and maintenance of poultry and seeds farms and ancillary operation like hatcheries, breeder houses, egg producing and distributing centers, green houses and stores and to buy or otherwise acquire chicks and develop them and to prepare them for eggs, propagation or sales and to breed, raise, improve, develop, produce, preserve, buy, sell, cherish, tin, pack, process, cut, clean, dry or otherwise to deal in all types of animal products, poultry products and allied goods including eggs, meat and edible offal of live horses, asses, mules, whinnies, swine, sheep, goats, fowls, ducks, geese, rabbits, mice, fish, turkeys, guinea fowls, pigs, birds whether fresh, chilled, frozen, salted, inbrine, dried, smoked or otherwise.

2. To carry on the business of farming, agriculture, poultry, horticultural and dairy, gardening and of raising, breeding, improving, developing, producing, buying, selling, importing, preparing, preserving, dealing and trading of products of such business and in particular seed, pure breed, inbred poultry, meat, cattle and other live and dead stock, eggs, sausages, preserved meat, trees, plants, fruits, flowers and vegetables, milk and milk products.

3. To cultivate land, establish and maintain dairies, cattle yards and poultry farms, piggeries, fruit, vegetable and flower gardens, grazing grounds, fish ponds, pigeon, beehives, warehouses, cold storages, freezing plants, factories for manufacture and preservation of meat, fish, fruits, honey, vegetables; canning of all kind of preserved foods and juices.

4. To carry on the business of millers, grains, seeds, cake and corn merchants, manufacturers of food, feeding and fastening preparations, artificial manures and fertilisers of every description.




To manufacture, produce, process, make, invent, convert, import, export, trade, buy, sell, pack, move or otherwise deal in all types of cosmetics, nonprescribed drugs, health care products, food preservatives and additives, fast foods, artificial flavourings, artificial dyes and colouring agents, beauty and skin care products, birth control medicines and devices whether as retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, stockists, agents, subagents, distributors, consignors, brokers or otherwise.




1. To acquire, establish, run, manage, construct, build, take on hire or lease, maintain, organise, promote, provide, acquire, develop, erect, and to handle, hospital, health centres, dispensaries, operation theatres, yoga centres, immunization centres, massage houses, beauty saloons, clinics, maternity & family planning units, gymnasiums, swimming pools, poly clinics, natural cure centres, sona & steam bath, nursing homes, pathological laboratories, eye banks, blood banks, kidney banks, sports clubs, diagnostic centres, medical & other research centres and similar establishment on membership basis or otherwise for the treatment of persons suffering from illness or mental defect or for the betterment of the society at large.

2. To run chemist shop and to carry on, manufacture, produce, export, import, buy, sell, fabricate, discover, develop, design, process, investigate, store, formulate, install, repair, maintain, recondition, turn to account, exchange, sponsor, distribute or otherwise to deal in all sorts of medicines, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, injections, drugs, formulations, apparatus, instruments, accessories, natural & artificial human body parts and other allied goods & articles.

3. To establish, provide, maintain and run research centres, laboratories, experimental workshops and to carry out medical research by engaging in the research and development of all fields of medical science, and in therapies of medical treatment.




To establish, manage, administer, construct, build, develop, purchase, operate and maintain, take on lease, own and run health clubs, health resorts, holiday homes, nursing homes, nursing home-cum-hotels, nursing home-cum-guest houses, guest houses, catering houses, hotels, motels, inner restaurants, hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, dispensaries and medical centres, child welfare and family planning centres, physiotherapy centres, health clinics, pathological laboratories for medical or other kinds of care in India and elsewhere.




1. To manufacture, produce, distribute, sell, make, research, import, export and to deal in drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical preparations, proprietory food products, flavours, essences, beverages, pan masala, gulkand, processed and fresh packed cereals, chemicals, cosmetics and their intermediates including phytochemicals, orals, medicated oils, proteins, aromatic chemicals, sprays, syrups, tablets, capsules, soft gelatine capsules, aerosol sprays, perfumes, herbal pesticides, insecticides, hormones, seeds, seed treatment, biological, mineral products, manures, fertilisers.

2. To act and carry on the business of distribution, selling agents, manufacturers’ representatives, general brokers and farming of vegetables, fruits, medicinal products, cereals, ayurvedic, allopathic, unani drugs, patent and proprietory preparations for human as well as animal use and packing materials such as containers, bottles, tins, stripes, wooden cases, plastic and glass bottles required for packing the products of the Company.




1. To carry on the business of purchasing and letting on lease or hire and to acquire, to provide on lease or on hire purchase basis all types of industrial and office plants, equipments, machinery, vehicles, buildings and real estate required for manufacturing, processing, transportation, trading, commercial and service business or for any other purposes.

2. To carry on business of leasing and hire purchase on easy payment instalments basis, renting and giving or rent plant and machinery of all kinds, household and office furniture, domestic or business appliances, computers, tabulators, addressing machines and other sophisticated office machinery, motorcars, taxicabs, automobiles, tram cars, motor lorries, tractors, trawlers, earthmoving machinery, wagons, bicycles, coaches, garages, and all other vehicles, agricultural implements, and machinery, airships, aeroplanes and helicopters, tools, plants, implements, apparatus and accessories, furniture, telephones, telex, teleprinters, televisions, refrigerators and other items of industrial and domestic use.




1. To carry on the business in India or elsewhere of sale of goods, articles or commodities of every kind by way of letting on hire or selling on hire purchase or deferred payment or credit sale system on such terms and conditions as may be decided by the company from time to time, motors, cars, trucks, scooters, motorcycle and other vehicles of every kind and description, handling equipments and devices, plant, machinery, tools, jigs and fixtures, office equipments and appliances, domestic appliances such as televisions, radios, transistors, electronic equipments of all kinds, fans, heaters, coolers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances, telephones and intercom systems and other items that may be considered necessary by the Company.

2. To carry on business and to act as bankers, financiers, factors or in any other capacity in any part of the world, and to import, export, buy, sell, barter, exchange, pledge, make advances upon or otherwise deal in goods, produce and merchandise.




1. To establish, construct, erect, build, organise, manage, undertake, promote, develop, own, acquire, purchase, improve, equip, provide, maintain, operate, take on lease, own and run diagnostic centres, scan centres, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, dispensaries, chemist shops, blood banks, eye banks, kidney banks, maternity homes, child welfare and family planning centres, clinical & pathological testing laboratories, consulting chambers, X-Ray & ECG clinics, sonography centres, physiotherapy centres, polio clinics, dialysis centres, research laboratories in India or abroad.

2. To act as consultants and advisers providing technical know-how, technical services and allied service for the establishment, operation and improvement of Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Institutions, Medical Centres, diagnostic Centres and Laboratories in India and abroad.




To carry on the business of buying, selling, importing, exporting and breeding of horses, ponnies and other racing animals and to train horses of all varieties, to maintain lists of the most celebrated and prizewinning horses or other animals of all noted breeds, their pedigree and chief characteristics and to publish or furnish information in this behalf and to participate in horse racing and other competitions either alone or in combination with or through others.




1. To carry on the business of farming in all its branches, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, dairies, cultivators of all kinds of food grains, seeds, fruits, proprietors of orchards and traders, exporters, dealers and sellers of the products of farming, dairy, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture and pisciculture and fishing and manufacturers of drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, including beverages produced from such products or otherwise.

2. To carry on the business of cultivators, growers, manufacturers, millers, grinders, rollers, processors, canners, and preservers, dealers of food grains and other agricultural, dairy, horticulture and poultry products, fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicines, flowers, drinks, fluids, gas and other fresh and preservable products and to extract by products and derivatives whether edibles, pharmaceutical, medicines or any other kind or nature whatsoever, food preparations of every kind and description and generally to carry on the business of manufacture of and dealers in preserved, dehydrated, canned or converted agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, provisions, foods, dairy and poultry products and articles and other derivatives of all kinds and descriptions and to set up and run machinery for processing and preserving the same.

3. To cultivate, grow, produce or deal in any agriculture, vegetable or fruit products, and to carry on all or any of business of farmers, dairymen, milk contractors, dairy farmers, dairymen, millers, surveyors, and vendors of milk products, condensed milk and powdered milk, cream, ghee, cheese, butter, poultry, fruits, vegetables, cash crops and provisions of all kinds, growers of and dealers in cornbay and straw, seedsman and nurserymen and to buy, sell, manufacture and trade in any goods usually traded in by any of the above business or any other business inclusive of staple foods and medicinal preparations from milk, vegetables and animal products.

4. To manage, improve, farm, cultivate, acquire, lease, underlet, exchange, purchase, sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of agricultural land and generally to carry on the business of  dairy farming, fruit farming, livestock and poultry breeders, timber growers, horticulturists, seeds merchants, processors of agricultural produce and advisers on problem relating to the administration, organization and working of farms.

5. To carry on the business of forest contractors and to grow, raise, produce, plant, cultivate, buy, import, export, sell, trade and deal in all kinds of forest produce, vegetation, timber, wood, stalk, twigs, leaves, fruits, trees, shrubs, plants, sprouts, vines, seeds, roots, fruits, herbs and flowers of all kinds and description and manufacture, process and produce sealing wax, oils, laminated sheets, paper, pulp, plywood and hardboard, newsprint and card board of different varieties.

6. To carry on the business of cultivation of fruits and vegetables or produce of the soil or products of agriculture and to prepare, work out, manufacture, crush, render marketable fruits, plants, seeds, grain and produce of all kinds and to sell, dispose of or deal in fruits, seeds, grains and all other agricultural produces such as grapes, oranges, apples, mangoes, proprietors of orchards, traders, exporters, dealers, processors, preservers and seller of the products of such farming, horticulture, sericulture, seeds and cultivation and manufacturers of drinks including beverages produced from such products or otherwise.



1. To carry out medical research by engaging in the research and development of all fields of medical science, and in all therapies of medical treatment, so as to afford medical relief in a better way.

2. To provide research facilities for carrying on research, basic and applied in all systems and disciplines of medical and surgical knowledge, keeping in view the sociomedical and socioeconomic needs of the afflicted community.

3. To fund, establish or takeover and/or otherwise conduct research institutions in all discipline of medical and surgical knowledge.

4. To encourage and develop biological and pharmacological standardization of indigenous medicinal plants.

5. To encourage the discovery of new medical and/or surgical management of disease and afflictions and investigate and make known the nature and merits of investigations and findings and research in the said field and to acquire any patent and licences or other protective devices relating to the results of any discovery, investigations, findings or researches and to acquire any process upon such terms so as to manufacture and distribute for charitable purpose any product developed, discovered or improved.

6. To provide, encourage, initiate or promote facilities of the discovery, improvement or development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding and prevention and treatment of disease.

7. To conduct and to carry experiments and medical research.



1. To establish, acquire, undertake, promote, run, manage, own, lease, convert, build, handle, operate, renovate, construct, maintain, improve, exchange, furnish, recondition, hire, let on hire, develop, organise, hotels, motels, restaurants, conference centres, holiday homes, cafes, taverns, rest houses, tea and coffee houses, beer houses, bars, flight carriers, boarding and lodging houses, refreshment rooms, night clubs, cabarets, swimming pools, Turkish baths, lodges, apartments, housekeeper, cottage or grocers, poulterers, green grocers, licensed victualler, discotheque, banquet halls, dressing rooms, laundries, hair dresser shops, stores, libraries, writing and news paper rooms, places of amusement, recreations, art galleries, sports, entertainment, health clubs, travelling agencies, motorcabs, theatrical and opera box offices, cinemas.

2. To equip, furnish and maintain any property for the purpose of letting it to visitors or guests, whether in single rooms, suites, collages or otherwise.

3. To prepare, produce, process, buy, sell, import, export, service, wholesale, retail, pack, repack or otherwise to deal in all kinds of food and food products, vegetarian foods, non vegetarian foods, meat, fish, fruits, beverages, wine, beer, spirits, waters, cigarettes, tobaccos, soft drinks, ice creams, juices, cosmetics, clothes, provisions, spices and other allied goods, materials, substances, consumables & preparations connected thereto.




1. To carry on the business as producers, distributors, importers, exporters, exhibitors and financiers of cinematographic films and to manufacture, own, acquire, provide, secure, arrange or deal in films and photographic, sound recording, musical, lighting appliances, instruments, equipments and machines; to construct, establish, own, hire or otherwise acquire and to manage, let on rent, fee, monetary gain or otherwise studios, laboratories, theatres, buildings, halls, open air theatres, bars, restaurants and other building or works required for the purposes of production, distribution or exhibition of the films, operas, stage plays, dances, burlesques, vaudeville, revues, ballets, pantomimes, spectacular pieces, promenade, concerts, circus or other performances and entertainment.

2. To carry on the business of production, distribution or exhibition of films and motion pictures including the running of theatres, cinemas, studios and cinematographic shows and exhibitions.

3. To establish and carry on the business as producers, exhibitors, distributors, screeners, importers, exporters, financiers, repairers, buyers, sellers or otherwise dealers in photographic goods, including cinematographic instruments, cameras, talking and silent machines and other equipments, slide projectors, film projectors, sound recording and reproducing equipments, process films or educational, recreational and entertainment films, value like slides, documentaries, feature films, short films, news reel films and advertisement films.

4. To carry on the business as proprietors and managers of theatres (cinemas, picture places and concert halls) and to provide for the production, presentation and performance (whether by mechanical means or otherwise) of operas, stage plays, burlesques, vaudevilles, revue, ballets, pantomimes, spectacular pieces and other concerts, musical and dramatic performance and entertainments.



To carry on the business of providing long term finance to any person or persons, company or corporation, society or association enabling such borrower to construct, purchase, renovate, reconstruct, repair, remodel, furnish houses, row houses, bungalows, low cost houses, flats, apartments, multistory buildings, chawls, residential complexes, towns, shops, colonies, commercial complexes and other similar structures upon such security and such terms and conditions as the Company may deem fit on any system of instalment payment basis, rent, hire purchase basis or by outright sale and also to provide long term finance to persons engaged in the business of construction of houses, structures, buildings in India or flats in India for residential purposes to be sold by them by way of hire purchase or on deferred payment or other similar basis upon such terms and conditions as the Company may think fit and proper and to acquire and purchase land and buildings and other immovable and movable properties and to develop, construct, build all types of structures, buildings and houses.




To manufacture, produce, process, develop, design, assemble, repair, import, export, buy, sell, brand, hire, let on hire, lease, pack, repack, recondition, service, supply or otherwise deal in all models, shapes, sizes, capacities and varieties of domestic and household appliances, heating, cooking and electrical appliances, devices, gadgets such as stoves, pressure cookers, ovens, cooking ranges, hot plates, other cooking utensils of all types, containers, buckets, refrigerators, dryers, heaters, geysers, irons, mixers, filters, ceiling fans, table fans, exhaust fans, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air conditioners, tube light fittings, radio, television, Stereo, videos, tape recorders, electronic motor and other similar products, their consumable, parts, accessories, components, fittings whether as wholesalers, retailers, agents, subagents, distributors or otherwise.




1. To purchase, prepare, breed, rear, sell, import, export, improve, deal and trade in all kinds of animals, cattle and live stock such as cow, ox, bull, buffaloes, fish, horses, asses, donkeys, mules, pigs, sheep, goats, birds, bee, poultry, live and dead stocks of every description and to process, pack, preserve, distribute or otherwise deal in milk, cream, butter, honey, egg, pork, prawn and other commodities, goods or things, products, wastes, by products, residuals of animal origin.

2. To undertake and carry on poultry farms, fishery, piggery and dairy farming and for the purpose to prepare stables, dens, sheds, kennels, nests, burrows, dwelling places and grazing pastures, veterinary hospitals for keeping and rearing animals, livestock for safe custody and for improving their breed by cross breeding or otherwise deal in all kinds and classes of animal products including meat, ham, pork, steak, beef, chicken, oils, fats, skins, nails, teeth, hair, hooves, horns, etc.

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