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1. To manufacture, design, develop, assemble, mould, fabricate, import, export, buy, sell, pack, repack or otherwise deal in all kinds and varieties of utensils, cutleries, crockery and kitchenware.

2. To manufacture, produce, process, develop, design, assemble, repair, import, export, buy, sell, brand, hire, let on hire, lease, pack, repack, recondition, service, supply or otherwise deal in all models, shapes, sizes, capacities and varieties of domestic and household appliances, heating, cooking and electrical appliances, devices, gadgets such as stoves, pressure cookers, ovens, cooking ranges, hot plates, other cooking utensils of all types, containers, buckets, refrigerators, dryers, heaters, geysers, irons, mixers, filters, ceiling fans, table fans, exhaust fans, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, tube light fittings and other similar products, their consumable, parts, accessories, components, fittings whether as wholesalers, retailers, agents, subagents, distributors or otherwise.




To manufacture, assemble, repair, buy, sell, import, export and distribute or otherwise deal in Sealing Products, including gaskets, friction materials, brake linking, clutch facing, components for general industrial use and for the Automotive Industries and in particular for Motor cars, Lorries, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Bicycles and carriages, amphibious vehicles suitable for propulsion on land, sea or in the air, or in any combination thereof and vehicles of all kinds whether moved by mechanical power or not.




1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, processing, preparing, producing, bleaching, dyeing, pressing, converting, cleaning, commercializing, cutting, stitching, packing, designing, developing, exporting, importing, finishing, weaving, knitting, spinning, grading, marketing, buying, selling or otherwise to deal in all sorts of hosiery cloth, yarn, garments, apparel, fabrics and goods, such as vests, underwear, socks, brassieres, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, handkerchiefs, mufflers, pullovers, shawls, sports wears, child wears, swimming shirts/suits, jerkins, belts, ribbons, laces, tapes, mantles, towels, bed sheets, wrappers and other allied materials of whatsoever nature whether made fully or partly in combination with cotton, synthetic, hosiery, leather, rexine or other dress materials whether as agent, stockist, distributor, supplier, representative, consultant, collaborator, export house, consignor or otherwise.

2. To carry on the business of knitters, processors, manufacturers, dealers, importers, exporters, spinners, weavers, finishers, printers and dyers of all kinds of cotton/man made fibres, cotton yarn/man made fibre yarns of all kinds, man made fibre cords of all kind and fabrics of cotton, wool, silk, rayon, nylon, terene, terelene, and other natural synthetics and also the business of manufacturing, ginning, preparing, combing, spinning, weaving, purchasing, selling, distributing, importing, exporting and dealing in yarns, man made fibres and textiles.

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