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1. To acquire, promote, establish, maintain, conduct and run testing laboratory, research laboratory, experimental workshops, scientific laboratory, pathology laboratory, medical examination centres, diagnostic centres, investigation centres and other organisations for examination, analysis, investigations, test, experiment & research on behalf of government, semi government, local authorities, private bodies and general public for all kinds of materials, including pharmaceuticals, drugs, chemicals, medical, metallurgical, electronic, cement, electrical, agricultural, edibles, and other items of industrial, domestic or commercial use.

2. To buy, sell, import, export, consign, store, clean, recondition & develop or otherwise to deal in all types of intermediates, chemicals, instruments, equipments, apparatuses, accessories, fittings, goods, articles or things which are required for the attainment of the above objects.

3. To provide cargo inspection, survey, sampling facility for export material and insurance purposes.

4. To provide ISI, ISO9000, Food and Drug administration, Agmark, NPL testing and consultancy facilities.





1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, processing, developing, printing of colour films and colour photos of various sizes and shapes and to manufacture photo colour films, colour photo paper, colour film processors, printer and papers processors, cutters for photographic processing and printing.

2. To carry on the business of importers, exporters, stockists and selling agents, commission agents or agency of any company dealing in graphic, photographic and allied goods like colour films, colour rolls, colour photo paper, chemicals, cameras, enlargers, printers, film processors, paper processor and all other allied items.




1. To acquire, promote, establish, maintain, conduct and run testing laboratory, research laboratory, experimental workshops, scientific laboratory, pathology laboratory, medical examination centres, diagnostic centres, investigation centres and other organisations for examination, analysis, investigations, test, experiment & research on behalf of government, semi government, local authorities, private bodies and general public for all kinds of materials, including pharmaceuticals, drugs, chemicals, medical, agricultural, edibles, and other items of industrial, domestic or commercial use.

2. To work and act as analyser, examiners of pharmaceuticals, medicines and drugs manufactured by the manufacturers and others including government, semi government bodies and also to carry on the profession of analyst, pathologists and examiners of materials.




1. To manufacture, produce, process, prepare, fabricate, assemble, design, develop, research and to act as agent, broker, franchiser, vendor, jobworker, supplier, contractor, subcontractor, brander, stockist, distributor, consultant, consignor or otherwise to deal in all shapes, sizes, varieties, capacities, descriptions, specifications, applications, uses & wattage of electric lamps such as fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, vacuum lamps, gas filled lamps, general lighting services lamps, high wattage lamps, photo flood lamps, automobile and vehicle lamps, train lamps, locomotive headlight lamps, miniature lamps, telephone dial lamps, projector lamps, halogen lamps, gas discharge lamps, mercury vapour lamps, sodium vapour lamps, metal halide lamps, flash bulbs, neon lamps and all other special purpose lamps used for industrial, commercial, domestic, public utilities, government and business purposes.

2. To manufacture, produce, process, prepare, fabricate, assemble, design, develop, research and to act as agent, broker, franchiser, vendor, jobworker, supplier, contractor, brander, stockist, distributor, consultant, consignor, or otherwise to deal in all types of components, parts, accessories, raw materials, fixtures, fittings, luminaries, consumables, systems, substitutes and allied items for all kinds of lamps & tubes such as glass shells, glass tubes, filaments, cathodes, mercury and sodium arc burners, lead in wires, caps, phosphorous and other chemicals, wires, gases, rods, plates, sheets, packing materials, plants, equipments, instruments, apparatuses, machineries, and other goods, articles or things whether made of ferrous or nonferrous materials or any substance.




To establish, own, maintain, carry on all or any of the business usually carried on by dry cleaners, dyers, launderers, washermen, steam, electrical and general laundry and to wash, clean, purify, scour, bleach, wring, dry, iron, colour, dye, disinfect, renovate, dress, sterilise, press, block, polish, glaze, finish and prepare for use all articles of wearing apparel, costumes, garments, household, domestic and other linen and cotton and woollen goods and clothing and fabrics of all kinds including fur, leather, water proofs, felts, velour, panama and straw hats etc., and all sorts of furnishing materials including curtains, covers, carpets, rugs, etc. and to buy, sell, hire, manufacture, repair, let on hire, alter, improve, treat and deal in all apparatus, materials, chemicals, and articles of all kinds which are capable of being used for any such purposes, and for that purpose to set up dry cleaning and washing plants, dryers, steam presses and household washing machines.




To manufacture, produce, fabricate, develop, assemble, import, export, trade, buy, sell, supply and to act as indenters, agents, subagents, jobbers, brokers, repairers, cleaners or otherwise deal in all kinds and classes of machineries, component parts, replacement parts, spare parts, assemblies, accessories, tools, implements, fittings inclusive of all types of axles, leaf springs, propellers, shafts and universal joints, ornamentation and decorative parts for motors, vehicles, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, cars, cycles, scooters, buses, omnibuses, submarines, aeroplanes, balloons, aircraft, spacecraft and vehicles and products of all descriptions whether propelled or used by means of petrol, spirit, steam, oil, vapour, gas, coal, electricity, petroleum, atoms or any motive or mechanical power whether used for defence or transporting goods, passengers and animals.




1. To fabricate, prepare, process, coat, transport, refine, recover, improve, recycle, reclaim, utilise, extract, finish, import, export, buy, sell, market, install, survey, estimate and carry on business as manufactures, importers, exporters and dealers in all types of leather and all articles made of leather including footwear, boots, shoes, sports goods, travel goods and gloves, aprons, garments, wallets, purses, belts, saddles, saddlery and all kinds of products made wholly or partly of leather and their raw materials, components, ingredients, leather board, blended leathers, imitation leather, PVC leathers, foam leathers, plastics, PVC clothes, synthetic leathers, oil cloth, linoleum and tarpaulins, textile, jute, rubber, P.U., PVC, leather cloth, polyurethane, thermoplastics, rubber chemicals and all other raw materials, plant, machinery, lasts, moulds, equipments for manufacturing footwear components, leather goods, rubber goods, plastic goods and accessories thereof.

2. To carry on the business of manufacturers and repairers of and wholesale and retail dealers in all types of footwear and accessories of footwear (such as heels, soles, buckles, straps, booteries, laces) and hand gloves and other products of leather, rubber, textiles ( of natural or man made fibre), polyvinyl chloride compound or in combination of leather and to carry on the business as leather merchants, leather dressers, tanners, dealers in hides, skins and other materials, manufacturers of and dealers in rubber goods.

3. To manufacture, fabricate, produce, prepare, process, coat, transport, refine, recover, improve, recycle, utilise, extract and finish, import, export buy, sell, market, install, survey, estimate and deal in saddlery, harness, luggage and travel goods, leather goods and sports goods such as leather jackets, shoes, chappals, purse, briefcase, suitcase, vanity bag, upholstery and all kinds of leather products.




1. To carry on the business of money lending, making loans, whether secured or unsecured, negotiating loans and to draw, accept, endorse and discount bills of exchange, promissory notes and other securities to any person, firm, company or others provided the company shall not carry on the business of banking, as defined under the Banking Regulations Act, 1949 and the grant of such loans do not tantamount to carrying on banking business.

2. To carry on business of money lenders, financiers, financial agents, brokers, stock and other securities brokers, underwriters, to procure money on loan or deposit with or without interest or under any scheme and/or to issue shares, debentures, stocks, bonds, securities, obligations, to invest money and/ or to give guarantee for loans or otherwise with or without interest to any person, firms, institutions, companies, organisations either on security of movable or immovable properties or personal securities, to grant loans under any scheme, to draw, accept, endorse, acquire, sell, purchase any negotiable or transferable instruments, and to give consultancy, advice for investment and financing.





1. To manufacture, produce, process, make, invent, convert, repair, assemble, import, export, trade, buy, sell whether as retailers or wholesalers, suppliers, indenters, packers, movers, preservers, stockists, agents, subagents, merchants, distributors, consignors, jobbers, brokers or otherwise deal in audio, video products or video heads, devices, magnetic tapes, tape recorders, VCRs, VCPs, cleaners, cassettes and all other parts, components, accessories used in any audio, visual, or audiovisual devices.

2. To establish in any part of India or elsewhere, libraries for keeping and lending on hire or otherwise video cassettes, audio cassettes, books, magazines, newspapers and other publications.




To establish, encourage, own, promote, provide, maintain, organize, undertake, manage, build, construct, equip, modernize, develop, operate, conduct and to run libraries, reference library, mobile libraries, reading rooms, book banks and other similar places for lending books, magazines, newspapers and other publications, video cassettes, audio cassettes, micro films, photographs, encyclopedias, news cuttings and other publications on membership, periodical fees or on free of cost basis to members, organisations, institutions, or to the public at large.




1. To grant assurance of all kinds payable upon the happening of all or any of the following events, namely, the death or marriage, or birth or failure of issue, or the attainment of a given age by any person or persons, or the expiration of any fixed or ascertainable period, or the occurrence of any contingency or event which would or might be taken to affect the interest (whether in possession, vested, contingent, expectant, prospective, or otherwise) of any person or persons in any property, or the loss or recovery of contractual or testamentary capacity in any person or persons.

2. To grant annuities, immediate or deferred, payable for any fixed or other period, or contingent as to their commencement or determination upon the happening of all or any of the events above mentioned.

3. Generally to transact the business of a life assurance company, including the sale and purchase or repurchase of annuities and reversionary interests, and life or other interests of uncertain duration or commencement, and endowments for children, and all other business relating to or commonly transacted by life assurance companies.




To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, processors, makers, importers, exporters, traders, buyers, sellers, indenters, packers, movers, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, stockists, agents, subagents, distributors, brokers or otherwise deal in artificial limbs, eyes, legs, hands, arms or any other limbs, other parts of human body or of any animal and providers of all requisites for hospitals, patients and invalids such as crutches, chairs, stretchers, carriages, ambulances.




1. To carry on business as brewers, distillers, refiners, bottlers, preservers, coopers, dehydrators, manufacturers and merchants of and dealers in beer, ale, bitter, cider, cognac, whisky, martini, champagne, brandy, porter, vermouth, sherry, gin, rum, stoutwines, ginger wines, spirits, sweet spirits, alcohol, alcohol anhydrous, fizz, aerated waters, white wine, vegetarian and non-vegetarian wines and beverages, mineral waters, squashes, syrups, health foods, soft drinks, confectionery wine, cashew apple wines, alcoholic beverages, vinegar, acetic acid, carbonic acid gas, cordials, glucose, nectar, delicious beverages, synthetic beverages, tonic and vitamin beverages, sweetened and flavoured drinks and punch, fermented extracts from oats, barley, rice, wheat, maize, ragee, tapioca, cereals, potatoes and any other starch yielding materials, fermented juice of grapes, apples, vegetables, herbs, fruits, sugarcane juice, molasses, sugar, lime, honey, lemon juice, plant juices and liquors of every description, including Indian made foreign liquors and country liquors and all products and byproducts thereof, whether intoxicating or not, and of malt, hops, grain, meal, yeast, mustard, condiments of all kinds, cocoa, coffee and all or any other commodities, materials and things which may be conveniently used or manufactured in conjunction with any of the above or any similar business or manufactures.

2. To acquire, construct and establish factory, works, stores, warehouse, godowns, distributing centres, shops, refreshment rooms, restaurants, depots for the sale of drinks, liquors, beverages and all other products of the Company and to export or import such products.




1. To purchase, prepare, breed, rear, sell, import, export, improve, deal and trade in all kinds of animals, cattle and live stock such as cow, ox, bull, buffaloes, fish, horses, asses, donkeys, mules, pigs, sheep, goats, birds, bee, poultry, live and dead stocks of every description and to process, pack, preserve, distribute or otherwise deal in milk, cream, butter, honey, egg, pork, prawn and other commodities, goods or things, products, wastes, by products, residuals of animal origin.

2. To undertake and carry on poultry farms, fishery, piggery and dairy farming and for the purpose to prepare stables, dens, sheds, kennels, nests, burrows, dwelling places and grazing pastures, veterinary hospitals for keeping and rearing animals, livestock for safe custody and for improving their breed by cross breeding or otherwise deal in all kinds and classes of animal products including meat, ham, pork, steak, beef, chicken, oils, fats, skins, nails, teeth, hair, hooves, horns, etc.




1. To establish, organize, manage, run, charter, conduct, contract, develop, handle, own, operate and to do business as fleet carriers, transporters, in all its branches on land, air, water, & space, for transporting goods, articles, or things on all routes and lines on National and International level subject to law in force through all sorts of carriers like trucks, lorries, trawlers, dumpers, coaches, tankers, tractors, haulers, jeeps, trailers, motor buses, omnibuses, motor taxies, railways, tramways, aircrafts, hovercrafts, rockers, space shuttles, ships, vessels, boats, barges and so on whether propelled by petrol, diesel, electricity, steam oil, atomic power or any other form of power.

2. To carry on the business as agents, distributors, merchants, importers, exporters, traders, contractors, warehousemen and to establish, maintain, operate and/or run agency lines in goods, stores, consumable items, durable merchandise, chattels and effects of every kind and description in any place in the world and without limiting the generality of the above, to carry on business as Selling Agents, Buying Agents, Factors, Mukadams, Carriers, Jath Merchants, Landing Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Commission Agents, Insurance Agents, Distributors and Stockiest, Brokers and/ or in any other capacity.

3. To carry on the business of clearing and forwarding agents, courier and cargo handlers, handling and haulage contractors, warehousemen, common carriers by land, rail, water and air, container agents, to handle goods and passengers within the country and outside and to carry on the business of tour and travel operators and to act as customs agents, wharfingers, landing agents, stevedores and longshoremen.




1. To act as surveyors, loss assessors and claim settling agents for and on account of India and foreign underwriters for all branches/ disciplines of General Insurance viz, fire, marine (cargo and hull), motor and miscellaneous engineering and to undertake valuation of movable and immovable properties at any place within or outside India.

2. To act as architects, consultants, engineers, fabricators, designers, developers, decorators for buildings commercial, residential or industrial and any other type of structures and to provide civil, architectural and interior decoration services.

3. To undertake steamer & ship surveys on behalf of the ship owners and/ or shipping agents within India and outside India and also to undertake quality surveys, weighments, sampling, standardisation, preshipment inspection & cargo superintendence services in India and abroad.

4. To undertake market research and surveys for specific industries and to act as risk management consultants and Insurance consultants for industrial houses, business concerns and clients of the Company.




1. To produce, process, manufacture, treat, distill, refine, treat, extract, mix, store, pack, repack, export, import and deal in lubricants, greases, lubricating and other oils, petroleum products, compositions and lubricants of every description, things which can be profitably manufactured, and to utilise and deal in all or any of the byproducts of such manufactures.

2. To manufacture and market lubricating devices, agents, oils (both mineral and synthetic ), materials, compounds, compositions, greases, speciality oils, additives and related chemicals for automotive, industrial, household, defence, power and other purposes.


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