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1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, processing, preparing, formulating, exporting and importing, buying and selling and dealing in organic chemicals such as fats, organic acids, poly oils etc., from oil seeds of any description or any of them and all its by products, and products to be made therefrom.

2. To extract oil from oil cake and oil seeds and carry out process of refinement and conversion of oil, to manufacture all types of soaps and all sorts of by products, including manufacture of steric acid and glycerine.

3. To purchase, sell, import and export, or carry on the business of manufacture of all kinds of chemicals and compounds and preparations therefrom, dye stuffs, and bleaching materials, glue, resin, cellulose, spirits, turpentine, soap, salt, oil, caustic soda, clay and other materials used in the manufacture or treatment of pulp, paper and board.

4. To take on lease or otherwise acquire any lands, forests, timber land and estates of every description and any right in, over or connected with the land, to develop the resources of the Company, in particular by clearing, draining, fencing, planting, cultivating, building, improving, farming, irrigating, gazing and by promoting immigration and emigration and the establishment of villages and settlements.




1. To publish any kind of information on Internet, a global computer network or otherwise, compiled and updated by the Company or any other person, for commercial purposes or otherwise, set up and/or give or take on lease/hire appropriate systems and technology to render these services to any person, including inviting subscriptions, advertisements from any persons, through agents, franchise, by any available means in India or abroad.

2. To undertake and provide Internet related services, systems, technology, information and software development services and products, including hardware’s, to any person through agents, franchise, by any available means, in India or abroad including value added services such as interactive, Television, Internet, E-Mail, V-Sat, Telephony, Video Shopping, Entertainment, Infotainment, Teleshopping, E-Commerce, Games, Data Transmission, Computer networking, Video conferencing etc. and to establish links via. Satellite uplink and downlink through available reception systems.

3. To manufacture all kinds of electrical conductors and insulated wires for power generator, transmission and distribution, to manufacture, deal, trade, export and import machines and plants, equipments and accessories for manufacture of electrical conductors and transformers, insulated wire and electrical equipment and to do all kinds of business, all varieties of electrical conductors, and transformers, insulated wire and electrical equipment and to all kinds of business, all varieties of electrical conductors, cables insulated wires and other equipments and to carry on in India or elsewhere the business of mechanical engineers, iron masters and manufacturers, processors, fabricators, drawers, rollers and refoller of steel and non-ferrous metals, shaftings, bars, flats, squares from scrap billets and ingots.

4. To manufacture, produce, buy, sell, import, export, stock, deal in machine tools, grinding machines, automatic latches, drilling machines, planning machines, planogrinders, machineries of every description, precision tools, cutting and small tolls electric motors, electrical equipments, cables, wires, switch gears, flame and drip proof motors, electric fans, regulators of all types, electric kilowatt hour meters magnets, industrial jewels, meters, voltmeters, and other types of measuring instruments, electrical, non-electrical, die-castings, screws, nuts and bolts, transformers of all types, circuit breakers hoists, elevators, gears, trolleys, and coaches, winches, aircompressors, welders, refrigerators, domestic washing machines, television and radio receivers and transmitters, micro wave components, radar equipments, valves, resistors, electronic instruments, conductors, materials, transistors and allied items, sewing machines, watches and clocks, tape recorders, household appliances and component part thereof.

5. To carry on the business as forwarding agents, representatives of manufacturers, sale and marketing organisors, underwriters, and insurance agents and to carry on the business or trade of stores suppliers, consultants, company promoters, landed proprietors, builders, contractors, and supplier of goods to government and other public and private bodies, shroffs, department store operators, publishers, guarantee brokers, carried by land and water, charter parties newspaper owners, wharfingers, warehousemen, marine, fire and other insurers, maccadums and brokers and for this purpose to appoint and remunerate any Directors, accountants, experts or agents.

6. To provide technical know-how in India and abroad which is likely to assist in the manufacture of the goods or the processing of materials or in the installation or erection of plant or machinery for such manufacture processing including providing technological design, installation and erection information and to render engineering, technical management and various types of skilled and other services to all types of business and industry or other organisation.

7. To grow, cultivate, produce, buy, sell, manufacture, treat, blend, render marketable and transport whether in bulk or in packeted or concentrated forms tea, coffee, cocoa or any other beverages, all varieties of food and products, plantation crops, orchard crops, cereals, vegetables, spices, essential oils, aromatic substances, rubber, forestry products and other produce of the soil, whether of spontaneous growth or not.

8. To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, dealers, processors, importers, exporters, stockists, agents, brokers, traders, retailers, of all kinds of paper including writing, printing, rapping and tissues, newsprint, paper for packing including corrugated and craft paper, synthetic papers, all kinds of boards including paper and straw board and all kinds of pulp whether mechanical or chemical including dissolving pulp.

9. To produce, manufacture, refine, prepare, process, import, export, purchase, sell and generally deal in cement, portland cement, white/coloured cement, alumina, cement pipes, fittings, sheets, asbestos cement pipes and their fitting, asbestos cement sheets, any other types of reinforced pipe fittings, sheets, boards, tanks, reinforced structural parts, blocks, tanks, bricks, stones, blocks marble, granite slabs, stone slabs of all type, cement titles, ceramic tiles, tiles of any other variety made out of any natural or synthetic material or wood or metal or any material and all other type of building materials used in construction.

10. To manufacture, process, import, export an deal in natural and synthetic resins, plastics, rubber, moulding powders, adhesives, paints, chemicals, nylon, polythene, poly-proplene, poly urethene, laminating materials, colours, varnishes, enamels and spirit in all its branches, raw materials for any of these products, and any materials produced out of these products.

11. To manufacture, produce, refine, prepare, purchase stores, sell and to trade and deal petroleum and all kinds of mineral oils and all products and by-products thereof, including wax, paraffin, soap, paints, lubricants, illuminant and butter substitute, oil cloth, candles, glycerine, stearing and in connection therewith to acquire, construct, repair, operate and use oil and other refineries, buildings, mills, factories, oil well derrick, distilleries, ghanies, rotaries, expellers, mechanical or hydraulic press.

12. To carry on business as timber merchants, saw-mill proprietors and timbers growers and to buy, sell, grow, prepare for market, manipulate, import, export, and deal in timber and wood of all kinds and to manufacture and deal in veneer products, for tea chests, packing cases and commercial boards, decorative veneer, laminated boards, composite boards, pressed boards, hard boards, chip boards, bent wood, moulded wood and articles of all kind made of timber wood.

13. To deal in, purchase, sell, import, export or supply and to act as export house, principals, dealers, agents, subagents, manufacturers, representatives, for leather and leather goods, gloves, wallets, bags, zippers, oil components, fibers, fibrous goods, garments, metalware, electronic items, spare parts, appliances, machinery equipments, jewellery, handicrafts, ivory, antiques and art of objects.

14. To carry on the business as manufacturers of, dealers in hires, repairers, cleaners, runners, characters, stores, and warehouses of earthmoving and agricultural machines, motorcycles, cars, motors, scooters, cycles, tractors, trucks, three wheelers, bicycles, ships and carriage, lifts forklifts and handling equipments, launches, boats, vans, aeroplanes, helicopters, hydroplanes, hovercrafts and other conveyance of all descriptions.

15. To cultivate, plant, bring, buy, sell, spare, convert, process, treat or manipulate in any manner of all kinds of tobacco, jute, hemp, tea, lac, coffee, rubber, vanaspati oil, sugar cane, sugar beets, dal, oilseeds, vegetable products, foodgrains, plants and all other products of the soil.

16. To search, win, get, quarry, reduct, smelt, calcine, refine, dress, amalgamate, manipulate, and prepare for market ferrous and non-ferrous metal, ore, quartz, metal and mineral substance of all kinds including oil and to carry on any other prospecting, mining, and metallurgical operations and to work mines or quarries, and to search frame, getwork, process, clacine, raise, crush, smelt, manufacture, make merchantable, sell or otherwise deal in iron, coal, coat tar, stone, cement, lime, lime stone, chalk, clay, bauxite, soapstone, ores, metals, minerals oil, precious and other stones, deposites, products and all other kinds of by-products thereof and carry on the business of mining in all its branches.

17. To carry on business as manufacturers, exporters, importers, dealers, stockiest, agents, distributors of batteries, cells, torches, toys, personal aide and such items and goods which may be useful, skin or otherwise connected with anyone or more of the aforesaid items of products.

18. To carry on business of manufacturing, producing, processing, treating, making taking on hire or otherwise acquiring blending, formulating, packaging, selling, retailing, importing, exporting, buying, fabricating, assembling, servicing, repairing, maintaining, of all types of grades, kinds, sizes and descriptions of photographic-films, papers, chemicals, reagents, substances, equipments, instruments, accessories, machineries, raw materials, and things, tools, apparatus, products, suppliers for audiovisual communication films and products, image and document production and copying and information gathering recording, handling, storing, retrieval products to carry on business by making or providing applications for such equipments, apparatus, accessories, products, machineries, supplies and by providing services and processes relating to photography, audio-visual communication, image and document production and copying and information gathering, recording, handling, storing and retrieval.

19. To manufacture, prepare, import, export, buy, sell and otherwise deal in all kinds of glass, glassware, mirrors, looking glass, scientific glass sheet and plate glass, bangles, flase pears, bottles and all kinds of articles prepared of glass and carry on the business or glass patent solvers, glass embosser, acclesisatical lead worker, glass tabler, show card and show case manufacturers.

20. To carry on the business as refrigerating engineers, cold storage depots and to engage in cold storage trade, and to do the business of sanitary engineers and dealers of all varieties of sanitary–ware and exploiting solar or other energy in commercial or domestic use.

21. To carry on the business as manufacturers, producers, dealers, traders, importers, exporters, stockists, distributors, or agents or GLS lamps, electric bulbs, lamps or tubes required or used for lighting or for industrial, domestic, electronics, transport vehicles of commercial purpose and glass shells, fittings, tubes, filaments, tungsten and molybdenum wires, caps and other materials, machineries, accessories and spares required or used for manufacture of bulbs, lamps or tubes.

22. To acquire or set up and run hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, maternity and family planning units or pathological laboratories.

23. To carry on business as producers, manufacturers, processors, converters, refiners, makers, bottlers, stockists, dealers, importers, exporters, traders, retailers, agents, buyers or sellers, of oxygen, acetylene, amonia, nitrogen hydrogen, coal gas, natural gas, helium and other types and kinds of gases mineral oil, motor and aviation spirit, diesel oil, kerosene, diverse hydrocarbon oils and their blends including synthetic fuels and lubricating oils required for or used in industries, agriculture, clinics, hospitals, refrigeration , aviation, transport vehicles space rockets and crafts, communication, object and media reactors, power plants, domestic, or public lighting, heating , cooling, purposes, lighters, plants, producing water, chemicals, or fuels, pesticides, defense or warfare, establishments, horticulture, forest or plant protection and growth and other allied purpose and to service, repair, manufacture, market or deal in machinery, plants spares , cylinders, containers, gadgets, appliance, and accessories for working on using or producing any of such gases, oils and products.

24. To carry on business as exporters, importers, manufacturers, producers, processors, printers, bleachers, combers, spinners, weavers, dyers, finishers, dealers, merchants, agents, in the various kinds and forms of yarn and fabrics of silk, cotton, wool, flax, jute, hemp, mohair, linen, rayon, nylon, terelyne and natural synthetics and other allied Textiles of any description and kid and to carry on the business as drapers and dealers of furnishing fabrics, and also in connected materials like starch, sizing materials and dye stuff.

25. To carry on and undertake the business of hirepurchase, leasing and to finance lease operations of all kinds, purchasing, selling, hiring, or letting or hire all kinds of plant, machinery, equipment and vehicles and to assist in financing all and every kind and description of hire purchase or deferred payment or similar transactions and to subsidies, finance or assist in subsiding or financing the sale and maintenance of any goods, article or commodities of all and every kind and description upon any terms whatsoever and to purchase or otherwise deal in all forms of immovable and movable property including land and building, plant and machinery, equipments, ships, aircrafts, automobiles, computers, electronics data processors, tabulators, air conditioners, medical equipment, domestic equipment / appliances and all consumer, commercial and industrial items and to lease or otherwise deal with them in any manner whatsoever including resale thereof, regardless of whether the property purchased and leased to be new and / or used from India or from any part of the world and to provide leasing advisory / counseling services. The company shall not carry on any business which is prohibited under the banking Regulation Act, 1949 and Prize Chit and money circulation Scheme (Banning) Act, 1978.

26. To produce, manufacture, refine, prepare, import, export, purchase, sell, treat and generally to deal in all kinds of glass and glassware, ceramics, sanitaryware, ceramic ware, industrial ware, porous or coarse earthware, stoneware, china, terracotta, porcelain products, bricks, fire bricks, fire clay, insulation bricks, tiles, pottery, pipes, insulators, refractories of all description and / or by-products thereof and building material in general, and in connection therewith, either as principle or agents, either solely or in partnership with others, to take on lease or acquire, erect, construct, establish, operate and maintain, ceramics, pottery industries, factories, quarries, mines, collieries, workshops and other works.

27. To carry on all or any of the business of buyers, sellers, suppliers, traders, merchants, importers, exporters, indentors, brokers, agents, assemblers, packers, stockists, distributors, and dealers of and in all kinds of agricultural produces, food articles, forest’s products, beverages, edible and non- edible oils and facts, soap silicate, perfume, chemicals, and detergents of all kinds, commercial, natural and manmade fibres, textiles of all kinds, all types of yarn, jute and jute products.

28. To design, erect, fabricate, process, hire out, buy, sell, prepare, process, manufacture, assemble, fabricate, cast fit, press, machine, treat, weld harden, temper, annal domestic, electrical and industrial appliances, fans, motors, equipments, plants, machineries, moulds, accessories, components, spare parts, tools and implements.

29. To manufacture, produce, export, import, buy, sell and deal in vanaspati oil, foodgrains, seeds and their articles, produce and merchandise of all kinds and description either ready or for forward delivery.

30. To purchase, manufacture, produce, refine, prepare, import, export, sell and to deal in sugar, sugarbeets, sugar-cane, molasses, syrups, jaggery, melada and all products or by-products, thereof and food products and in connection therewith to acquire, construct and operate sugar or other refineries, buildings, mills, factories and other works.

31. To carry on the trade, industry, business, occupation and profession of architects, engineers, builders. Contractors, electricals, sanitary and plumbing engineers, and contractors, flooring contractors, and general builders, furnishers, decorators, and contractors in all its branches.

32. To carry on the business as manufacturers and dealers in hardware, iron and structural goods of all kinds and in particular, T-irons, beams, angles, washers, railings, collapsible gates, stairs, columns, metal doors and windows and other building material including all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, machinery spares and parts and stores of any description required for building constructions.

33. To carry on business as manufacturers of and dealers in any manner and all types of raw materials and products of plastics, thermoplastics, nylon, polythene laminating materials, laminated paper and board.

34. To carry on business as general, commercial, colorcrafts and process printers, painters, lithographers, engravers, diemakers, publishers of newspaper, books, magazines, art and musical productions, plan and chart printers, press and advertising agents, contractors, ink, dye, colour and chemicals manufacturers, manufactures of metal and other signs, manufacturers and dealers of containers and components and machinery manufacturers, and dealers in printing machinery, types and all printers, supplies, book binders and stationers and dealers in all kinds of supplies and equipment for mercantile and other uses.

35. To carry on the business as importers, exporters, manufacturers and distributors of agents for and dealers in salt and salt based chemicals, Petro-chemicals organic, inorganic and organametallic chemicals including rubber chemicals, leather chemical, synthetic chemicals, industrial explosives and chemical products of every nature and descriptions

36. To act as consultants and to provide management, financial, technical, engineering, industrial, administrative, advisory, commercial, accountancy, quality control, legal, taxation, electronic data processing, computer and other consultancy services, to undertake and execute design engineering and technical work for projects, to prepare and implement project and feasibility report and to take up contracts and jobs on Turnkeys basis or otherwise. To act as brokers, negotiators with bank, financial institution and others for arranging loans and underwriting of shares and debentures and to undertake and carry out promotion and formation of companies, firms, associations, trust and run and manage them for others and on own account and to assist in selection, recruitment and hiring or personnel.

37. To acquire landed properties, buildings, multistoreyed buildings, group housing scheme, bungalows, quarters, offices, flats, chawls, warehouse, godowns, shops, stalls, markets, supermarkets, houses, structures, undertakings, roads, bridges, forests, estates and land by way of purchase take on lease or otherwise own, hold, occupy, manage control, construct, alter, develop, pull down, improve, repair, renovate, decorate, work, build, plan, lay out and to sell, let out, transfer, mortgage, charge, assign, hire sub-lease, or otherwise dispose of the same as may be expedient specially under ownership flats scheme or some other schemes.

38. To carry on the business of consultants and advisor and to provide and tender all types of services rendered by consulting engineers, technicians and experts and to undertake techno-economical survey, economic feasibility reports, projects reports and design and developments of new products to assist in selection of technology process, know-how to carry out laboratory test and trials and provide Turnkey engineering services.

39. To manufacture, import, assemble, develop, invent otherwise deal in Audio / Video systems, electronic typewriters, computers, computers software, floppy diskettes, printers ribbon, paper, magnetic tapes, cassettes and other allied, materials, computer data processing machine, computer printers, computer publication systems computer peripherals, accessories and their services.

40. To establish provide, perform systems, engineering services, related technical and consultancy services, import technical know-how in the field of computers develop technical expertise for providing technological and technical know-how.

41. To manufacture, import, assemble, develop, invent and otherwise deal in all kinds of electrical and
electronics systems, equipments, appliances, components and accessories thereof, suitable for commercial, industrial medical, scientific and consumer purpose.

42. To carry on the business of planters, Growers and cultivation or rubber, coffee and all other plantation activities.

43. To arrange for imparting education and / or training to the trainees in the workshops, factories, mills or other organisations in any part of India in such line or lines and / or branch or branches and / or industry or industries and / or where trainees may have full scope for the purpose of extending their technical and managerial skill and gaining practical knowledge in particular in branches or industries on such terms and conditions as the Association may deem fit and proper and to lend or make available the services to such technicians and experts who will be trained by the association and / or others to such factories, establishments, mill workshop who are or will be in need of services in the discretion of the Association may think fir and proper.

44. To manage, administer own and to carry on the business of running hotels, motels, holiday camps, guest houses, restaurants, canteens, caterers, cafes, taverns, pubs, bars, beerhouses, refreshment room, and lodging or apartments, housekeepers, night clubs, casinos, discotheques, swimming pools, health clubs, baths, dressing rooms, licensed victuallers, wine beer and spirit merchants, exporters, importers and manufacturers of areated, mineral and artificial waters and other drinks, purveyors, caterers for public amusement generally.

45. To carry on business as tourist agents and contractors and to facilitate travelling and to provide for tourists and travellers, or promote the provisions of conveniences of all kinds in the way of through tickets, circular tickets, slipping cars or berths, reserved places, hotel and boarding and/ or lodging accommodation and guides, safe deposits, enquiry bureau, libraries, resting rooms, baggage transport and otherwise and to charter steamships and aeroplanes for fixed periods or for particular voyages and flights and to organise religious, educational sightseeing and business tours and for the purpose of charter ships, trains, aeroplanes, minibuses, motor buses, motor lorries, motor cars, wagons carts and carriages of every description, to book and reserve accommodation and rooms in hotels, restaurants and boarding and or lodgging houses and to take on hire houses or unfurnished.

46. To lend money and negotiate loans and to draw, accept endorse, discount, buy sell and deal in Bills of Exchange, promissory Notes, Bonds, Debentures, Hundies, Coupons, and other negotiable instruments and Securities and or issue on commission, subscribe for purchase, take, acquire and hold, sell, exchange and deal in any other Company and to carry on in all their respective branches the business of hire-purchase, housing general finance investment Trust, legal and life insurance trust.

47. To purchase or otherwise acquire, maintain, sell and give on lease all kinds of plant, machinery, motor vehicles, marine engines, marine boars, trawlers, launches, ships, vessels, barges, hotel equipments, medical equipments, air-conditioners, air-conditioning plants, equipments, office equipments, computers, photo copying machines, cold storages, ice-cream manufacturing machinery, furniture and fixtures, televisions, electronic equipments, lifts aircrafts, helicopters, household equipments and appliances or any other equipments or assets that the Company may think fit.




1. To manufacture, produce, process, convert, commercialize, control, compound, develop, distribute, derive, excavate, grade, release, manipulate, prepare, promote, reclaim, supply, import, export, buy, sell, turn to account and to act as agent, broker, consultant, collaborator, jobworker or otherwise to deal in all kinds of fuel and other oils, petroleum of every kind and the business of refiners of such oils and oil accessories required for petroleum and the manufacture of lubricating oils and accessories required for the equipments and operation of the oil wells and refineries and to deal in the byproducts of petroleum and lubricating oils.

2. To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, processors, makers, refiners, importers, exporters, traders, buyers, sellers or otherwise deal in petroleum and petroleum products including wax, paraffin, soap, paint, varnish, lubricants, oil cloth, candles, glycerine, etc.



To carry on the business in India and elsewhere in the world, of producing, manufacturing, processing, developing, marketing, importing, exporting, selling or otherwise dealing in zinc oxide, lead oxide, tin oxide, antimony oxide and metallic oxides including sulphates, chlorides, litharges and their by products, iron ore, coal, bauxite, magnesite, copper,brass and other zinc minerals,metallic ores and substances, aluminium hydroxide, magnesia, salts and combinations thereof, chemical products and all classes of oxides and other products connected therewith.

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