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Download Model Main Object Clause of more than 500 types of companies




1. To manufacture, design, develop, assemble, mould, fabricate, import, export, buy, sell, pack, repack or otherwise deal in all kinds and varieties of utensils, cutleries, crockery and kitchenware.

2. To manufacture, produce, process, develop, design, assemble, repair, import, export, buy, sell, brand, hire, let on hire, lease, pack, repack, recondition, service, supply or otherwise deal in all models, shapes, sizes, capacities and varieties of domestic and household appliances, heating, cooking and electrical appliances, devices, gadgets such as stoves, pressure cookers, ovens, cooking ranges, hot plates, other cooking utensils of all types, containers, buckets, refrigerators, dryers, heaters, geysers, irons, mixers, filters, ceiling fans, table fans, exhaust fans, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, tube light fittings and other similar products, their consumable, parts, accessories, components, fittings whether as wholesalers, retailers, agents, subagents, distributors or otherwise.




1. To purchase, acquire, take on lease, rent, hire and to build, construct, carry out, equip, improve, work, develop, administer, manage, maintain, enlarge, pull down, remove, replace, rebuild, renovate, keep and run warehouses, godowns, cold storages and refrigeration houses for storing, keeping, preserving all kinds of foods, fruits, crops and commodities.

2. To undertake the custody and warehousing of merchandise, goods and materials and to provide cold storage and other special storage facilities.

3. To act as warehousemen, removers, storers, wharfingers, traders and merchants of any commodity.




To carry on the business as manufacturers, fabricators, producers, developers, designers, assemblers, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, dealers and traders of watches, time pieces, clocks, wrist watches, wall clocks, table clocks, alarm clocks whether electronic, digital, automatic, electrical, quartz, mechanical or solar and all kinds of parts, components fittings thereof such as watch cases, watch dials, straps and watch parts of all types, size and description.





1. To carry on business as brewers, distillers, manufacturers and dealers in squashes, syrups, essences, aerated waters and of malt, hopes, grains, meal, yeast and all other materials and things capable of being used in connection with any such manufacture or business.

2. To carry on the business of bottling of soft drinks, aerated, mineral & artificial waters and other beverages, fruit juices, cocktails under franchise agreement of well known producers or otherwise and for that purpose to buy, sell, manufacture, import and deal in all types of bottles, stoppers, corks including tinplate crown corks, crates and containers, whether of glass, plastic, wood or any other material.

3. To carry on business as bakers, confectioners and manufacturers of and dealers in confectionery, bakery and dairy products.




1. To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, processors, makers, inventors, convertors, importers, exporters, traders, buyers, sellers, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, indenters, bottlers, packers, movers, preservers, stockists, agents, subagents, merchants, distributors, consignors, jobbers, brokers or otherwise deal in mineral and aerated water and other liquids of every description.

2. To carry on business as manufacturers and dealers in plant, machines, machinery, vessels, siphons, filters, bottles, apparatuses, appliances and containers of all kinds for manufacturing, treating, preserving, aerating, bottling and discharging any such liquids.




1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, processing, preparing, producing, bleaching, dyeing, pressing, converting, cleaning, commercializing, cutting, stitching, packing, designing, developing, exporting, importing, finishing, weaving, knitting, spinning, grading, marketing, buying, selling or otherwise to deal in all sorts of hosiery cloth, yarn, garments, apparel, fabrics and goods, such as vests, underwear, socks, brassieres, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, handkerchiefs, mufflers, pullovers, shawls, sports wears, child wears, swimming shirts/suits, jerkins, belts, ribbons, laces, tapes, mantles, towels, bed sheets, wrappers and other allied materials of whatsoever nature whether made fully or partly in combination with cotton, synthetic, hosiery, leather, rexine or other dress materials whether as agent, stockist, distributor, supplier, representative, consultant, collaborator, export house, consignor or otherwise.

2. To carry on the business of knitters, processors, manufacturers, dealers, importers, exporters, spinners, weavers, finishers, printers and dyers of all kinds of cotton/man made fibres, cotton yarn/man made fibre yarns of all kinds, man made fibre cords of all kind and fabrics of cotton, wool, silk, rayon, nylon, terene, terelene, and other natural synthetics and also the business of manufacturing, ginning, preparing, combing, spinning, weaving, purchasing, selling, distributing, importing, exporting and dealing in yarns, man made fibres and textiles.





1. To establish, encourage, aid and assist and promote friendly feelings amongst employees and with this view, to establish and to adopt all such welfare measures as may seem to the Association expedient.

2. To establish and support or aid in the establishment and support of associations, institutions, funds, trusts and conveniences calculated to benefit employees or directors or past employees or directors of the company or of its predecessors in business or the dependents of any such persons; and to grant pensions and allowances; and to make payments towards insurance; and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent objects, or for any exhibition or for any public, general or useful object.

3. To set up library and reading rooms, health, educational and other amenities and to provide facilities for practice and knowledge of music, art, drama and other hobbies and to give or to arrange concerts, musical entertainments, programmes, shows, displays, invite writers, speakers, poets, composers, philosophers, religious preachers and to give prizes and awards.

4. To provide housing accommodation and for the purpose to purchase, acquire, take on lease or rent land and to construct, renovate, rehabilitate, and develop the same for disposing it of or letting it on hire or lease and for providing facilities to the members or others on such rentals as may be considered in the interest of the Association.

5. To manage and provide all reasonable facilities for the purchase and consumption of goods, non alcoholic drinks and to provide reading and writing material and newspaper rooms and library.

6. To raise capital by means of donations, grants, contributions from members or others and by way of monthly subscriptions or otherwise from members and also to borrow money on such security and on such terms as the Association may from time to time consider.





1. To develop, design, acquire, adopt, deal, host and install Communications Equipments, Computers, computer peripherals, Electronic Instruments  & Controls  and machineries, plant, apparatus, appliances and equip¬ment of every kind, class and description and to supply and provide services of all kind and to act as sellers, buyers, importers, exporters, retailers, whole-sellers, supplier, indenters, consigners, jobbers, brokers, stockiest, agents, sub-agents, merchants, distributors, consult-ants for Communications Equipments, Computer Hardware, Computer Networks, Computer Peripherals, Computer Services, Computer Storage Devices, Electronic Instruments & Controls, Scientific & Technical Instr. And Software.

2. To undertake and provide Internet related services, systems, technology, information and software development services and products, including hardware’s, to any person through agents, franchise, by any available means, in India or abroad including value added services such as interactive, Television, Internet, E-Mail, V-Sat, Telephony, Video Shopping, Entertainment, Infotainment, Teleshopping, E-Commerce, Games, Data Transmission, Computer networking, Video conferencing etc. and to establish links via. Satellite uplink and downlink through available reception systems.




1. To manufacture, buy, sell, import, export and deal in wireless transmitting and receiving equipments, including radios, television equipments, broadcasting equipments, microphones, amplifiers, loud speaker and telegraphic instruments, cordless telephones and equipments and also to manufacture parts and accessories for the said instruments, cordless telephones and articles and to maintain service stations in this connection.

2. To carry on all or any of the business of designers, manufacturers, installers, maintainers, repairers of and dealers in electrical and electronic appliances and apparatus of every description, and of and in radio, television and telecommunication requisites and supplies, teletext and view data receivers, and electrical and electronic apparatus, appliances, equipment and stores of all kinds.




 To manufacture, produce, assemble, alter, fabricate, convert, galvanize, electroplate, coat, process, improve, manipulate, weld, flux, punch, draw, machine, press or otherwise to deal in all specifications, descriptions, applications, sizes, dimensions and uses of wires made of all types of iron, steel, alloy steel or any compounds thereof including barbed wire, steel wire, ropes, twisted wire, tyre bead wires, double lattice wires, crimped wires, half round wires, L shaped wires, Z shaped wires, ring traveller wires, flexible card clothing wires, flat wires, hosiery needle wires, bright annealed wires, hard ended wires, tempered wires, wires coated or plated with tin, aluminum, nickel, cadmium, molybdenum, tungsten, chromium, brass, bronze, plastic, vinyl etc, wires with two or more distinct base metallic or alloy coatings; single flat wire, wire rod, cable wire and wire products including wire cloths & fabrics, wire mesh, wire ropes, wire articles, grills, nettings, fencing, reinforcing fabrics, nails, tags, staples, hooknails, corrugated nails, spiked cramps, studs, spikes and drawing pins, bolts, nuts, rivets, cutters, cotterpins, washers and spring washers, springs, pins, hatpins, hairpins, clings, grips and other allied items, their parts, fittings, accessories and components.




1. To buy, sell, grow, prepare for market, manipulate and export timber and wood and to manufacture and deal in furniture and articles of all kinds in the manufacture of which timber or wood is predominantly used such as railway or tramway sleepers, wooden sticks for walking, whips, golf club shafts, umbrella handle, wooden tiles, wooden blocks, wooden frames, wooden packing cases, boxes, crates, drums, casks, barrels, vats, tubs, buckets, household utensils of woods, wooden doors, windows & similar fitting, wooden hardware articles, wooden tools, tool bodies, tool handles, broom and brush bodies and handles, gaskets, cigarette boxes, trays, fruit bowls, ornaments and other fancy articles, wooden handicrafts, sculptures, toys, monuments etc.

2. To manufacture, produce, process, cultivate, grow, treat, cure, clean, wash, cut, turn to account, commercialize, season, design, develop, fabricate, finish, manipulate, protect, and to act as agent, broker, contractor, supplier, importer, exporter, buyer, seller, warehouser, stockist, distributor, vendor, job worker, forester or otherwise to deal in all shapes, sizes, forms, varieties, specifications, descriptions, dimensions of wood and wood products, plywood, hardwood including wood logs, billets, twigs, faggots, slices, peels, waste & dust, wood charcoal, wood paving boxes, hoop woods, split poles, piles, pickets & stakes of wood, chip wood, pulpwood in chips or particles, wooden strips & friezes for parquet, veneer sheets and sheets for plywood, blackboard and laminated wood products, inlaid wood and wood marquetry, cellular wood panels, reconstituted wood, wooden moulding.

3. To carry on business as timber merchants, saw mill proprietors, forest owners, farm owners and timber growers, and to buy, sell, grow, prepare for market, manipulate, import, export and deal in commercial and non-commercial timber, teak, bamboos, plywood, fire wood and wood of all kinds and to manufacture and deal in articles of all kinds in the manufacture of which timber, plywood or other wood is used.




 1. To manufacture, process, prepare, treat, cure, comb, spin, buy, sell, import, export and otherwise deal in all kinds of dyed and undyed woollen yarns, fibrous substances, wool hairs, carpets, rugs, floor coverings, and to carry on the business of spinners, doublers, linen and clothe manufacturers, wool merchants, wool combers, worsted spinners, woollen spinners, yarn merchants, worsted stuff manufacturers, bleachers, dyers, and makers of vitriol, bleaching and dyeing materials.

2. To weave and otherwise manufacture, buy, sell and deal in all kinds of cloth and other goods and fabrics whether textile, felted, netted, looped or flocked.




1.  To manufacture, process, prepare, treat, cure, comb, spin, buy, sell, import, export and otherwise deal in all kinds of dyed and undyed woollen yarns, fibrous substances, wool hairs, carpets, rugs, floor coverings, and to carry on the business of spinners, doublers, linen and clothe manufacturers, wool merchants, wool combers, worsted spinners, woollen spinners, yarn merchants, worsted stuff manufacturers, bleachers, dyers, and makers of vitriol, bleaching and dyeing materials.
To weave and otherwise manufacture, buy, sell and deal in all kinds of cloth and other goods and fabrics whether textiled, felted, netted, looped or flocked.





1. To negotiate, acquire, buy, sell, take on lease or in exchange or acquire by licence, concession or grant or otherwise, any lands and quarries, mines, mining rights which are believed to contain deposits of granites, marble, sand stones and other stones, metals and minerals; to apply for, obtain, take, lease/s from any state, central, provincial governments or other competent authorities, companies, corporate bodies, firms or private individuals; to prospect for, explore, survey, work, bore, drill, develop, excavate, exploit, derive, extract, refine, convert, exercise with or without the aid of machinery such stones, ores, metals, minerals, oils, coals and other substances whatsoever; to take lands, quarries on sublease from any state or central government, corporations, companies, corporate bodies, partnership firms, individuals, to give on sublease all or any quarries, lands to any company, firm or individual.

2. To carry on the business as mining, smelting and refining company.

3. To process, convert, refine, import, export, buy,sell, deal in tiles, slabs/ panels, monuments, tombstones, decorative pieces, architectural pieces, idols, construction materials, and all other products of granite, marble, sand stones, and any other stones within India or abroad.




1. To manufacture, produce, process, refine, pack, repack, develop, mix, formulate, supply, import, export or otherwise deal in all kinds of salts used in industry, defence, space or household and their compound, raw material, derivatives, intermediates or by products and for the purpose to purchase or acquire any estate or interest therein containing any deposits or other supplies of salt or brine or any other substance required for the purpose of the company, and to work and develop them.

2. To supply brine, and to manufacture, purchase, sell, refine or otherwise deal in salt and other chemical products.

3. To sink wells and shafts, and to construct, acquire and maintain factories, plant, machinery, railways, docks, reservoirs, roads, culverts and other pipes, plant and installations, and to execute all other works and things required for working, obtaining, sorting, selling, manufacturing and conveying salt, brine and other chemical products.




1.   To import, export, buy, sell, barter, exchange, pledge, make advances upon or otherwise deal in all kinds of goods, produce, merchandise, raw material items, articles, products such as agricultural, industrial, chemical or marine, stones, pieces of arts, antiques, handicrafts, machinery, equipments, capital goods and any other item capable of purchasing, selling, importing, exporting and trading and to be appointed as agents and/or distributors on commission, allowance, retainership, incentive basis.

2. To carry on business as merchants, brokers, traders, commission agents, forwarding agents, ship owners, carriers or in any other capacity in India or elsewhere and to purchase, build, hire, charter or otherwise own, hold, use and dispose of ships and vessels, aircraft and other vehicles and their appurtenances.

3. To establish or acquire and carry on office, trading stations, factories, stores and depots in India or elsewhere, and to purchase, lease or otherwise acquire, carry on, develop and improve any business or real or personal property in India or elsewhere.

4. To assist any company, firm, association, society in trans fer of any technology whether from India or outside and to render services pertaining to foreign collaboration, project formulation and to act as representative/agents of any domestic or foreign company for the purpose of such technology transfer.

5. To apply for, acquire and hold any charters, Acts of Parliament, privileges, monopolies, licences, concessions, patents or other rights or powers from the Indian Government or any other Government or state, or any sovereign or local or other authority in India or elsewhere, and to exercise, carry on and work any powers, rights or privileges obtained, and to constitute or incorporate the company under the laws of any foreign country or state and to grant licences or concessions over and in respect of any property or rights of the company.



To manufacture, produce, process, reprocess, convert, design, develop, distribute, exchange, laminate, knit, coat, dye, blend, fabricate, prepare, supervise, supply, export, buy, sell, use, turn to account, collaborate, or otherwise to deal in all sizes, varieties, colours, capacities, specifications, descriptions & applications of bags, sacks, clothes, containers, pouches, packing materials, gift items, carpets, covers and other allied items made of one or more materials like HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, yarn, monofilament yarn, films, coextruded films, wide width films, collapsible tubes & sheets, aluminium foils, laminating materials, thermosettings, thermoplastics, tafflon plastics, esters, resins, wax coating lacquers, chemicals etc.

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