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1. To manufacture, process, produce, dye, gin, press, spin, weave, crimp, texturise, card, bleach, comb, double, finish, blend, sort, garnet, stretch, dry, draw, cut, improve, buy, sell, resale, import, export, transport, store, fabricate, develop, market or otherwise to deal in all types of natural & synthetic yarns and fibres made of materials like cotton, flax, hemp, jute linen, wool, nylon, viscose, ramie, polyster, silk, artsilk, terene, jute, staple fibres, cashmilon, filaments, terecotton, monofilaments, multifilaments, acrylics, polynosic, polypropylene, polyamide, polymethane, cellulose, dropping, spun or other fibrous substances or any combination thereof and fabrics made of such yarns or articles in which fabrics of any kind is used.

2. To establish and to carry on the business of ginners, spinners, weavers, dyers, balers, processors of all kinds of fibres both natural, synthetic or artificial such as cotton, jute, silk, hemp, flax, wool, hair, rayon, nylon, terylene and cultivators of all such fibres, tailors, drapers, clothiers, apparel designers and manufacturers of hides and skins, raw, semi processed and finished leather and leather articles of all kinds, rexines and other synthetic textiles made out of polyvinyl chloride, foam leather, plastics or other articles out of these products; sport goods and articles of all kinds and to deal in all types of textile making material, paints, dyes, fabric treatment materials, chemicals, tools and implements in India or elsewhere in the world.

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