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LOGO Registration in India


A logo is a sign, which can distinguish your services and goods from those of other traders and gives you an exclusive right to use it. Your logo registration will prevent third parties from using, without consent, similar logo for similar goods and services as those protected by registering your logo in India. Logos play an important role in marketing and brand recognition. You can use your logo as a marketing toll so that clients can recognize your services or products. It is very important to make your business successful and significantly more valuable once you have legalized the ownership of the logo for your service or product.


We offer logo registration and business logo registration services to enhance your business by providing client specific business logo solutions. Our unmatched Logo Registration services help customers in getting this registration comfortably without any problems.


Logo Registration Process in India


The first step of logo registration process is to find out whether your intended logo is available for registration or not. We help you in order to save your money if the type of logo is already registered and therefore is not available for registration. We will carry out a comprehensive logo search on various registers and will write a full report for you on our findings. We promise that our searches are completed within 24 hours.


Why one use logo:


i. Logo helps one in identifying the favorable goods and services and its respective origin.
ii. Logo will make sure to clients about the same quality and reliability.
iii. It is one of the economical ways of promoting business.
iv. Logo will create a prestigious image for the goods and services globally.


Attributes Of Perfect Logo:

i. Logo should be elegant, precise and easy to remember by the mass.

ii. Best Logo must comprise of necessary elements including colors, sketch lines, words, text or amazing design.

iii. Logo should not conflict with any of the community or religious name; or any geographical name or any already registered trademark.

iv. Logo should not consist of any of the promotional or laudatory word.


Logo Registration Services:

Logo can be used at banner, promotional letters, visiting cards, I-cards and on other marketing products in order to become familiar among the target audience. Be sure that your logo do not matched with any of the other already registered business mark in order to have successful logo registration in India. Logo which is used customary and vogue in behavior may be not being registered under the act. But those with customary or vogue attributes but are consistently use and become popular and famous in the world can be registered under the respective act




Please Use Resources - List of Documents Required Tab tab to know more about documents required for registration at current date.



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