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Registration Services


Registration of business is very important work of promoter or entrepreneur. Registering your own business has many advantages. It gives your business a legal existence. It gives you right to own property in name of your company/venture. It enhances brand image of your company. Thus, because of so much importance of registration, MBS has given more emphasis on it and made registration work as its specialised area of work. Registration of business is important but choosing right form of business is more important and the most critical work of an entrepreneur, which sometimes determines success or failure of business idea.


Thus, MBS not only provides whole gamut of registration services but also advices you in order to select right form of business. We cater to your specific requirement for starting a business i.e. forming a legal business entity. We are a team of experienced company secretaries and chartered accountants, who ensure that you will have hassle free experience of business formation in shortest possible time of 14-17 days.





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