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FAQ about AS 9001 Certification in India

1. What is AS 9001 Certification?
AS 9001 Certification, also known as AS9100 Certification, is an internationally recognized quality management system standard specifically designed for the aerospace industry. It ensures that organizations follow strict quality control measures to meet the requirements of customers and regulatory authorities.

2. Who is responsible for issuing AS 9001 Certification in India?
In India, the AS 9001 Certification is issued by accredited certification bodies that have been authorized by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to conduct audits and grant certifications to organizations that meet the necessary criteria.

3. Why is AS 9001 Certification important?
AS 9001 Certification is vital for organizations operating in the aerospace industry as it assures their customers and stakeholders that they are committed to delivering high-quality products and services. It demonstrates compliance with industry-specific regulatory requirements, enhances customer satisfaction, and opens up new business opportunities.

4. How long does it take to obtain AS 9001 Certification?
The time required to obtain AS 9001 Certification may vary depending on the complexity and size of the organization, as well as its level of readiness. Typically, the certification process involves a series of stages, including initial assessment, training, documentation, implementation, internal audits, and final external audits. On average, the process may take around 6 to 12 months.

5. How much does AS 9001 Certification cost in India?
The cost of AS 9001 Certification in India is influenced by various factors such as the size of the organization, the number of locations, and the complexity of the operations. Certification bodies usually charge fees for initial assessment, training, documentation review, audits, and post-certification surveillance activities. It is recommended to contact authorized certification bodies for accurate cost information.

6. What are the benefits of obtaining AS 9001 Certification?
Achieving AS 9001 Certification offers several benefits to organizations in the aerospace industry. It helps improve internal processes, reduces errors and defects, enhances customer satisfaction, and increases the organization's competitiveness in the market. Certification also provides access to global markets and contracts with companies that require suppliers to have this certification.

7. Can any organization get AS 9001 Certification?
AS 9001 Certification is specific to the aerospace industry; therefore, it is applicable to organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, and maintenance of aerospace products and services. To obtain this certification, an organization needs to meet the requirements outlined in the AS 9100 standard.

8. Can an organization be certified for AS 9001 and ISO 9001 simultaneously?
AS 9001 Certification is based on the ISO 9001 standard and includes additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry. Therefore, an organization can be certified for both AS 9001 and ISO 9001 simultaneously, if it meets the requirements of both standards.

9. How often is recertification required?
AS 9001 Certification is valid for a specific period, typically three years. To maintain certification, organizations need to undergo periodic surveillance audits conducted by the certification body. These audits ensure that the organization continues to comply with the standard requirements. Recertification is required after the expiration of the initial three-year certification period.

10. What is the difference between AS 9001 and ISO 9001 certification?
AS 9001 Certification is a specialized version of the ISO 9001 standard, tailored specifically for the aerospace industry. While both certifications focus on quality management systems, AS 9001 includes additional requirements related to product safety, configuration management, risk assessment, and traceability. The AS 9001 standard is more stringent and targeted towards organizations operating in the aerospace sector. 

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