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Frequently Asked Questions about CAPEXIL Registration in India

1. What is CAPEXIL registration?
CAPEXIL registration refers to the registration process conducted by the Chemicals and Allied Products Export Promotion Council of India (CAPEXIL). It is a mandatory requirement for exporters of chemicals, allied products, and a few select products to obtain CAPEXIL registration in order to export these goods from India.

2. Who needs to register with CAPEXIL?

Exporters of chemicals, allied products, and specific products like dyes, pigments, fertilizers, and minerals are required to register with CAPEXIL. This registration is mandatory for exporters who wish to export these goods from India.

3. Why is CAPEXIL registration important?
CAPEXIL registration is important as it establishes credibility and authenticity for exporters in the international market. It helps exporters gain access to various benefits, such as export finance, marketing assistance, and market intelligence reports. Additionally, CAPEXIL registration enhances the overall reputation of Indian exporters, making them more competitive globally.

4. How can one apply for CAPEXIL registration?
To apply for CAPEXIL registration, exporters need to fill out an application form available on the official CAPEXIL website. Along with the completed form, they will need to provide necessary documents, such as a company profile, copies of export/import licenses, GST registration certificate, and other relevant certificates as specified by CAPEXIL.

5. What are the documents required for CAPEXIL registration?
The documents required for CAPEXIL registration may vary depending on the nature of the export business. Generally, the following documents are commonly required: company profile, copy of export/import licenses, GST registration certificate, IE code certificate, PAN card, test analysis report of products, and any relevant certificates related to the specific goods being exported.

6. How long does it take to get CAPEXIL registration?
The timeline for CAPEXIL registration can vary depending on the completeness and accuracy of the submitted documents. Typically, the registration process takes around 10-15 working days from the date of submission of the complete application along with the required documents.

7. Is there any fee for CAPEXIL registration?
Yes, there is a fee involved in the CAPEXIL registration process. The fee varies depending on the nature of the export business. The detailed fee structure can be obtained from the official CAPEXIL website or by contacting their authorized representatives.

8. How long is the CAPEXIL registration valid?
The CAPEXIL registration is valid for a period of three years from the date of issuance. Exporters need to renew their registration before it expires to ensure uninterrupted export activities.

9. Can an exporter start exporting without CAPEXIL registration?
No, it is illegal to export chemicals, allied products, and specific goods without obtaining CAPEXIL registration. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in penalties, legal consequences, and disruption of export operations.

10. What happens if there are changes in company details after CAPEXIL registration?
In case of any changes in the registered company details, such as change in address, contact information, or directors, the exporter is required to notify CAPEXIL promptly. Necessary steps will need to be taken to update the registration details based on the specific requirements and procedures outlined by CAPEXIL.

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