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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about DGFT eBRD Certificate
1. What is a DGFT eBRD Certificate?
 The DGFT eBRD (Electronic Bank Realization Certificate) Certificate is an official document issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in India. It is an electronic certificate that validates the realization of export proceeds by Indian exporters in their designated bank accounts.
2. Why is the DGFT eBRD Certificate important?
 The DGFT eBRD Certificate serves as proof of payment for goods exported from India. It is vital for exporters to obtain this certificate as it helps them claim various export incentives and benefits provided by the Indian government. It ensures transparency and compliance in foreign trade transactions.

 3. How can I apply for a DGFT eBRD Certificate?

 To apply for a DGFT eBRD Certificate, exporters need to submit their export documents to their respective Authorized Dealer (AD) bank. The AD bank verifies the export proceeds based on the details mentioned in the shipping bills or bill of export. Once the verification is complete, the AD bank generates the eBRD Certificate and shares it with the exporter.
4. What are the benefits of having a DGFT eBRD Certificate?
 Having a DGFT eBRD Certificate enables exporters to avail various benefits such as Duty Drawback, Merchandise Export from India Scheme (MEIS), Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS), and other export incentives provided by the government. It also helps in maintaining accurate records of export transactions for future reference.
5. How long does it take to receive a DGFT eBRD Certificate?
 The time taken to receive a DGFT eBRD Certificate may vary depending on the processing timelines of the AD bank and the accuracy of the export documents submitted. Generally, it takes around 7-10 working days after the submission of complete and correct export documents to receive the certificate.
6. Can I apply for a DGFT eBRD Certificate retrospectively?
 Yes, it is possible to apply for a DGFT eBRD Certificate retrospectively. However, it is advisable to apply for the certificate within the prescribed time frame to avoid any delays or complications. Exporters should consult the DGFT guidelines and seek assistance from their AD bank for any retrospective applications.
7. Is the DGFT eBRD Certificate mandatory for all exports from India?
 No, the requirement of a DGFT eBRD Certificate varies based on the value and type of export. As per the current guidelines, the certificate is mandatory only for exports valued at $25,000 or above. However, it is recommended for exporters to obtain the certificate for all export transactions to avail the associated benefits.
8. Can I make corrections to the DGFT eBRD Certificate?
 Corrections to the DGFT eBRD Certificate can be made if there are any errors or discrepancies. Exporters should contact their AD bank and provide relevant supporting documents to initiate the correction process. It is important to rectify any inaccuracies in the certificate to maintain compliance with import-export regulations.
9. How long is a DGFT eBRD Certificate valid?
 The validity of the DGFT eBRD Certificate is indefinite. However, it is advisable to retain the certificate and related export documents for a minimum period of five years from the date of issue. This ensures availability of records for future reference, audits, or any disputes that may arise.
10. Who can I contact for further queries related to the DGFT eBRD Certificate?
 For any further queries or assistance regarding the DGFT eBRD Certificate, exporters can contact their respective Authorized Dealer (AD) bank or the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) helpline. It is recommended to provide accurate and detailed information to obtain the most relevant and accurate guidance. 

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