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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about FMCS Registration in India

1. What is FMCS registration?

FMCS registration stands for Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme registration. It is a mandatory requirement for foreign manufacturers who wish to import certain electronic products into India.

2. Which products require FMCS registration?

Products categorized under the "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012" by the Indian Government require FMCS registration. Some examples include mobile phones, laptops, tablets, electronic toys, and medical electronic devices.

3. Why is FMCS registration necessary?

FMCS registration ensures that imported electronic products conform to Indian safety standards. It helps protect consumers from substandard or unsafe products, while also promoting the growth of the Indian manufacturing sector.

4. Who is responsible for the FMCS registration process?

The responsibility for FMCS registration is shared by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the Electronics and Information Technology Goods (EITG) division of the Indian Government. These bodies oversee the certification process and ensure compliance with the necessary standards.

5. How does one initiate the FMCS registration process?

Foreign manufacturers interested in registering their products under FMCS need to submit an application to the BIS. The application should include a test report from a BIS-recognized laboratory, along with the required fees and supporting documentation.

6. Are there any specific requirements for the test report?

Yes, the test report should be obtained from a BIS-recognized laboratory. It should demonstrate compliance with the relevant Indian safety standards for the specific product category. The test report should be valid and not more than 180 days old at the time of application.

7. How long does the FMCS registration process take?

The FMCS registration process typically takes around 30 days from the date of submission of a complete application. However, this timeline may vary depending on various factors such as the completeness of the application and the workload of the BIS.

8. What happens after successful FMCS registration?

Once the FMCS registration is granted, the foreign manufacturer can legally import their products into India. The registered products must bear the FMCS registration mark, which signifies compliance with Indian safety standards, before they can be sold in the Indian market.

9. Is FMCS registration a one-time process?

No, FMCS registration is valid for a period of two years from the date of issue. After this period, manufacturers must renew their registration to continue importing and selling their products in India.

10. What are the consequences of non-compliance with FMCS registration?

Non-compliance with FMCS registration can lead to confiscation of the products, penalties, and even legal action. It is essential for foreign manufacturers to ensure their products are FMCS registered before importing them into India to avoid any legal complications.

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