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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Hallmark Certification in India

1. What is Hallmark certification?
Hallmark certification is a quality assurance mark provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India. It is a voluntary certification that signifies the purity and authenticity of gold jewelry, gold coins, or gold artefacts. The Hallmark certification ensures that the gold product adheres to the specified standards of purity and fineness as set by the BIS.

2. Why is Hallmark certification important?
Hallmark certification is important as it guarantees the purity of gold and provides assurance to the buyers about the quality of the gold product. It safeguards consumers from fraudulent practices and ensures that they are getting genuine gold that meets the prescribed standards. It helps in building trust between the buyers and sellers in the gold market.

3. How can one identify a Hallmarked gold product?
A Hallmarked gold product can be identified by looking for the BIS Hallmark logo on the jewelry, coin, or artifact. The logo consists of the BIS mark, purity in carat, the fineness in terms of parts per thousand, and the identification mark/number of the assaying and hallmarking center.

4. Are all gold products required to be Hallmarked?
Starting from June 1, 2021, it has been made mandatory for all gold jewelry, gold coins, and gold artifacts to be Hallmarked before they are sold in India. This requirement is aimed at ensuring the supply of quality gold products to consumers and to protect their interests.

5. Where can one get Hallmark certification for gold products?
In India, Hallmark certification for gold products is provided by BIS recognized assaying and hallmarking centers. These centers have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to test and certify the purity of gold products according to the defined standards. Customers can contact these centers or jewelers who are authorized to get their gold products Hallmarked.

6. How does the Hallmark certification process work?

The Hallmark certification process involves testing the purity of gold through sample collection and analysis. The assaying and hallmarking centers conduct various tests to determine the fineness and ensure compliance with the Hallmark standards. If the gold product meets the prescribed criteria, it is issued the Hallmark certification.

7. Is Hallmark certification applicable only for gold products?
No, Hallmark certification is also available for silver jewelry, silverware, and diamond jewelry. However, currently, the mandatory Hallmarking notification is applicable only to gold products.

8. What are the benefits of buying Hallmarked gold products?
Buying Hallmarked gold products provides several benefits to the consumers. It ensures the purity of gold, protects against counterfeit products, provides better resale value, and improves consumer confidence. It also contributes to the growth of the organized gold market by promoting transparency and fair trade practices.

9. Can one sell gold jewelry without Hallmark certification?
While it is not illegal to sell gold jewelry without Hallmark certification, it is highly advisable for sellers to get their gold products Hallmarked. Having the Hallmark certification increases the credibility of the seller and helps in attracting more potential buyers who value quality and authenticity.

10. How can one verify the authenticity of Hallmark certification?
To verify the authenticity of Hallmark certification, buyers can check the details of the assaying and hallmarking center mentioned in the Hallmark logo. They can also validate the certification by visiting the BIS website or using the mobile application provided by BIS. These platforms allow consumers to verify the genuineness of the Hallmark certification by entering the identification mark/number mentioned on the gold product. 

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