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Frequently Asked Questions about FSSAI Registration in India

1. What is FSSAI registration?
FSSAI registration stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India registration. It is a regulatory requirement for anyone involved in the food business, including food manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and processors. This registration ensures that food businesses comply with standardized regulations related to food safety and quality.

2. Why is FSSAI registration important?
FSSAI registration is crucial for food businesses as it guarantees compliance with food safety standards set by the government. It helps in maintaining the quality of food products and ensures consumer safety. Additionally, FSSAI registration allows businesses to carry out their operations legally, as it is a mandatory requirement to operate in the food industry.

3. Who needs to register under FSSAI?
Any individual or entity involved in the food business needs to register under FSSAI. This includes food manufacturers, distributors, retailers, transporters, and processors. Both small-scale and large-scale food businesses are required to obtain FSSAI registration, regardless of their size or annual turnover.

4. How can one register for FSSAI?
To register for FSSAI, businesses can apply online through the official FSSAI website. The application process involves filling out the necessary forms, providing required documents, and paying the registration fee. After successful submission of the application, the FSSAI will conduct an inspection of the premises. Once the inspection is complete, the FSSAI registration certificate will be issued.

5. What documents are required for FSSAI registration?
The documents required for FSSAI registration include a photograph of the applicant, identity proof, address proof, a copy of the proprietorship, partnership, or company registration certificate, proof of possession of the premises, and a list of food products to be dealt with. Other documents such as NOC from the municipality and water analysis reports may also be required, depending on the nature of the food business.

6. How long does it take to obtain FSSAI registration?
The time required to obtain FSSAI registration may vary depending on the completeness of the application and the processing time taken by the authority. Generally, it takes around 30-45 working days to receive the registration certificate after the submission of the application. However, businesses can start their operations while the registration process is underway.

7. Is FSSAI registration certificate valid nationwide?
Yes, the FSSAI registration certificate is valid and recognized nationwide. Once a business obtains FSSAI registration, it can operate in any part of India without the need for additional registrations. This eliminates the need for multiple registrations and allows businesses to expand their operations across the country.

8. Is FSSAI license different from FSSAI registration?
Yes, FSSAI registration and FSSAI license are two different types of approvals granted by the food authority. FSSAI registration is applicable to small-scale food businesses, with an annual turnover of up to Rs. 12 lakhs. On the other hand, FSSAI license is mandatory for medium and large-scale food businesses with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 12 lakhs. 

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